Invisible Moneys!

Shopping online is a blast! But dealing with the cashless shift can be a bit shifty. I received a $500 payment for a wedding I booked, and boom, oops, Paypal took $15.30. No big deal, it was worth the dock to move into entrepreneurship. Now I can begin to offer graphic design, DJ services, and my other wares online and get my self-promotion off the ground. That’s what’s exciting; I’ve moved into the world of invisible moneys.

I would love to sit and deeply meditate on rolling out a comprehensive package of DJ work, lighting, graphic design, photography, and videography, then I would finally be living “the dream,” and being my own boss. That sounds so wonderful, however presently I only can offer the DJ services and maybe the graphic design services. I could help people do audio editing I suppose. I need to think about this for sure, and how to present my multimedia talents to the world at large.

“My change got bigger so my chains got. . . BIGGER!” Chris Brown – Loyal


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