Mental Mishaps, Sargin’ Out, & This Weird Feeling

How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us.

Strangest mood striking today. My quest for information has reached a frothy head, and now I feel mostly washed. Night before last I went sargin, hard, completely peacocked to the gills. It was a cool outfit reminiscent of wizard vs. pirate, and I had a pretty good time. A friend of mine who met me along the way was in both ways effective and ineffective: his approach, “Do you have a boyfriend?” is obviously a retarded one, and yet he made it out of the scene with a Facebook contact. I didn’t get anything that night, and I realized though that after a time I sort of gave up on sarging. The outfit was more outlandish than I normally wear and my fake smile was shining. This one guy got mad when I said hi to a girl on the street, but how should I have known; he was talking ten feet behind her! Poor pussy whipped bastard, I hadn’t realized they were having a “thing,” and seeing how that behavior was expressed I’m glad I didn’t get into nothin’ with the chick.

So the NLP training continues, but I’ve had the strangest progression of knowledge in the past few. In my adolescence and childhood I would often flounder, trying to find the information I needed to grow. But now I have TOO much information and my struggle is getting it all into my head and keeping it there. I have made serious efforts toward utilizing “brain hacks” and other creative technologies which allow me to do things never before thought possible. It’s incredible, but confusing.

FLASHBACK!!!: In my first novel, which was book one of a three part series I intended to finish, the villain is a gentleman who uses knowledge in a manner that allows him to grow in power until he rivals gods. Strange, how we somehow always manage to become what we hate–what we fear.

In any case, another wonderful thing that’s working well is listening to hypnosis audio. This has allowed me to maximize my downtime by implanting suggestions at an unconscious level. What suggestions, you might ask? 1.) Confidence 2.) Sexual Magnetism

Last night I awoke from the confidence meditation and had the strangest dream I was in the car my dad was driving through the ocean, which had come up over the land and people were in the water playing with dolphins. When I saw the dolphins, I emphatically demanded to be let out, and my dad was so sad. I’ve been rather cruel to him lately, though I love him, last night I had to come to the realization that he, through his weakness of character and passivity, allowed my mom to ruin so much of my and others’ lives. I became angry and acknowledged it all in a cathartic way. I cried inexplicably following the hypnosis, and felt washed and revived afterward. Surely, however, my dad is hurting, but I can no longer allow co-dependency to exist between us, even on a psychic level. If you were a Cancer, you might understand. Maybe if you’re a Pisces, like my daughter Coral.

So timeline like this: breakup from Rae —> couching and hip hop music, lots of pot —> slowly getting shit together and job —> pick-up artist literature —> Neurolinguistic Programming training —> hypnosis audio, brain hacks, life hacks —> ???

It gets confusing when you learn. “For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.”

Stay with me peeps, get live.


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