Speak The TRUTH – Why I Am Staunchly Anti-Bullshit

Not entirely sure of how I should most eloquently begin this flaming hot blog, I will begin with some quotes from my favorite song by my favorite band, Depeche Mode – Freelove: (and if you click on the little pink link you can listen to it and really get the feeling)

If you’ve been hiding from love
If you’ve been hiding from love
I can understand where you’re coming from
I can understand where you’re coming from

If you’ve suffered enough
If you’ve suffered enough
I can understand what you’re thinking of
I can see the pain that you’re frightened of […]

I’ve been searching for truth
I’ve been searching for truth
And I haven’t been getting anywhere
No, I haven’t been getting anywhere

SO WHAT’S THE POINT, you might be asking? This brief article is designed to delineate and dispel the Cruel Hoax perpetuated on men by women, and on women by men. Let me assert that I have an opinion in this matter, and it is quite biased, but I would be a bigot and hypocrite if I were to only blame the women who were wronged by their fathers who in turn try to take the power dynamic back by subscribing to the lie called equality masked as feminism, thereby enabling them to go forth and hurt men. See, the truth is, that I’m a man who was hurt by his mother (and not sexual or physical abuse, but a very subtle form of insidious psychological abuse which stands out starkly against the backdrop of present sanity), and I intend to take MY own power dynamic back, and no longer hurt women as I have been wont to do in the past.

A therapist told me at a very early age, “You treat your girlfriend the way you THINK your dad should treat your mom.” It was the most truth I’d ever heard in my sixteen years of life on Earth. Nonetheless, I had never hurt a woman in my life at that point, and would not proceed to that madness for quite some time. It was the drug abuse, and what I would like to identify as a flaw in the social structure and educational system, which led to a mindset that allowed me to become the monster that I was. However, this article is neither meant as a confession or a justification, but these brief statements are in design there to provide you the broad strokes with which I intend to paint a portrait true to its source. Clarity, bless my words with translucence and power, I am about to take a heavy risk.

It’s true, women hurt by men go forth to hurt men, and men hurt by women go forth to hurt women. They find a system that justifies the bullshit. Being someone who personally believes in a creative intelligent force that drove creation, what some might call God–or if that is too bitter a pill to swallow let’s amalgamate that into something more palatable for the New Agers and others who are victim to what I am about to further illustrate–and call it Nature, The Universe, Source, Higher Self, or whatever bullshit term you choose to assign to your God, I therefore also believe that all things were NOT created equal, and therein lies the rub. Men and women are NOT equal. There, I said it. Men are physically superior to women. HOWEVER, women are in subtle ways superior to men in realms of the emotion. We are complementary, and in my humble opinion, in as brash as possible manner as I may state it, God made us that way.

Dr. Henry Makow PhD has some startling things to say about feminism, equality, and the actual source of all this malarkey. He uses the mysterious “Illuminati” as the perpetrators of this wretched con-job we’ve assumed to be reality, and makes bold statements by elucidating the reader on the fact that the four pillars of personal identification are being systematically and completely stripped from us as individuals. The four pillars of personal identification, according to Makow, are as follows: 1.) Race 2.) Religion 3.) Nationality 4.) Family


Read the book, I think this is available online now, free to read! This book did the most to shatter my entire perception of reality, and makes courageous assertions such as accusing Communism and Capitalism to in fact be in bed together, and that the Cold War was actually a ruse to pit the technocrati of each nation against each other in a space/arms race that squeezed the best out of the best as they were motivated by fear. This, friends, is something illustrated by a certain Eric Blair, whom we most familiarly recognize by his pen-name of George Orwell, in his 1949 classic FICTION piece accredited for being the most accurate modern prophecy, 1984. [I have designed this article to educate you, so before you become trollish and judgmental, READ and then make statements like a good schoolboy/girl.]


There is not much more to say, but I will round off the article by illustrating some wretched incongruences within the system that has supplanted “God’s” creation, or “Nature’s” creation, with a strong forced secularist belief in the illusory and unreal; what I like to call BULLSHIT. Here is a list of facts about Colorado domestic violence laws, and being both a victim and perpetrator of domestic violence, and having attended hours and hours of therapy and been incarcerated for years, I believe myself to be someone of validity who can speak to this, and demonstrate the flawed way in which “the weak” are protected from being predated upon by “the strong.” FULL ARTICLE


Domestic Violence Can Be Any Crime


Colorado Has Mandatory Arrest Laws


A Victim Cannot “Drop Charges”; Only the State “Presses Charges”


Domestic Violence cases are Victim’s Rights Cases


Sometimes, Misdemeanor Charges Can Be Elevated to Felony Charges


A Domestic Violence Conviction Will Impact Gun Rights


A Domestic Violence Conviction Will Result in DV Classes


No In Home Detention on DV cases

And not on this list, but something I must add, is 9.) Domestic Violence cases in nearly every instance result in a protective order that disallows the perpetrator, or accused, from returning to their place of residence after their release. This is a breach of constitutional rights of sovereignty and ownership by enabling a man OR a woman to call the police, make a false claim of domestic violence which does not have to involve any physical abuse whatsoever, and thereby falsely empowering them to take over a residence in which a supposed “relationship” was taking place, and remove any and possibly all of the belongings, including pets and CHILDREN.

I cannot source this, but I have it on good word that some women (if you could call these vile wretched contemptible succubi masquerading as humans) actually get together to encourage each other to take advantage of the laws in place to get revenge on, and therefore destroy, their mates. FUCK THAT! There, I promised you biased opinion, and now you have it. Here’s another article:

How do Domestic Violence Laws Encourage False Allegations?

Last but not least, let me round off this article with some nice quotes from both women and men in regard to what feminism really is and what it really does. Thank you for reading this, and if you’re mad, get a cuppa tea.

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.”
Pat Robertson, 1992

Phyllis Schlafly on Feminism:
• The feminist movement taught women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy. … Self-imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.
• Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature.

“Marriage and motherhood have their trials and tribulations, but what lifestyle doesn’t? If you look upon your home as a cage, you will find yourself just as imprisoned in an office or a factory. The flight from the home is a flight from self, from responsibility, from the nature of woman, in pursuit of false hopes and fading fantasies. If you complain about servitude to a husband, servitude to a boss will be more intolerable. Everyone in the world has a boss of some kind. It is easier for most women to achieve a harmonious working relationship with a husband than with a foreman, supervisor or office manager.”
“Choosing a Career” by Phyllis Schalfly (1977)

“We must not allow ourselves to be deflected by the feminists who are anxious to force us to regard the two sexes as completely equal in position and worth.”
Sigmund Freud

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