Gnosis Rising – Merry Xmas To All!

Gnosis is Greek for knowledge–that is, specific experiential knowledge of God and the nature of the cosmos. Agnostic, a term flung about more flippantly, basically translates as “without knowledge,” therefore the people in the limbo between religious dogma and atheism will adopt the label agnostic. I do not capitalize either words because they do not refer to a salvific deity born as Man or to that divine knowledge of God and God’s creation–specifically Gnosis!

So awakening to this exact thought, I shambled over to the laptop (crystal ball, LED screen, as per Oxy High’s reference) to do my worldwide wizardry of jotting down a brief blog on said thought.

We are fractured fragmented splintered shards of a mirror which once reflected the face of God, trying to remember what He She It They looked like before the obliteration of Unity. We look for that fragment with which we most congruently line up,  that we are able to, together, glimpse a more perfect remembrance of that Mystery. Thus we seek our soul mates.

The dilemma here is that, as we seek the feeling of completion that a partner or lover can offer, in those passionate moments of pseudo-Unity, a trap lies in wait. When we couple with another, we do not actually approach that special quality that so long ago was lost–we only further the schism by bringing into this world more life. We breed, and the spiritual dissolution is perpetuated ad inifinitum throughout the ages.

I do not pretend to devise a more perfect Universe, though I feel safe enough to declare these observations. And though I love God and the Universe, sometimes I wonder softly to myself, and now publicly via my crystal ball, could it have been somehow different?

Everyone’s a critic. Merry Xmas, all, and to all a peaceful Holy Day!

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