digital phasing

5:57 AM 1/26/2015

It is common to seek a solution in the world; in information, activity, application. This is a ‘do something about it’ attitude. In this much can be achieved–but never a total solution, never our full potentiality as realized and informed beings. Quantum field theory supports that subatomic particles, the very essence of matter in this field of reality, are constantly dancing in and out of existence, changing, melding, and reconfiguring. Where do they go when they are not ‘here’ in this reality?

Let’s look at a metaphor; the digital bit. If our ‘do something about it’ approach is representative as the 1, the on signal, the charged bit, then the field beyond this approach, the off signal, would be the zero. In the 1, we see a linear approach to problem solving, thinking, and in general, everything. There is a beginning to the signal, a path it travels, and then a terminal point or end. A-B-C, this is how problems are approached in a more or less natural application.

Now, the crux of the argument: As fully realized and informed human beings, we can utilize the unharnessed power of Zero Point, by choosing not to take the single path that will forever lead us to the same reality in which our problems or issues originate. Why do that, when we can actually (easily) make the quantum leap to a reality more of our choosing–thereby accepting the 0, the neverending cycle of energy that creates an endless feedback loop and therefore supports itself infinitely?

HERE’S HOW YOU DO IT! Set your intentions for your new reality here in your present reality, and then focus your super-powerful brain on phasing into the Zero Field. It might be hard to go there all at once, so maybe you send a part of your body by energetically allowing the natural and necessary balancing act of quantum field theory to occur–albeit DIRECTED by and through your observation and intention. Little by little, your new self will emerge in a reality specifically of your choosing.

Don’t thank me, thank Einstein.


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