To Be Truly Dominant

Is an intellectual capacity. I just learned what it fully means to be Dominant–such to the extent that I let a willing and horny cohort walk out because I was not willing to play the song she requested. Why not, you might ask? Not because the song was that big of a deal, but because I could see a long long road of negotiations and compromises of my position and authority unfolding unto eternity–not just in a relationship with this girl, but with a boss, with a family member, with my daughter, with the guy who gives me my driver’s license, with a fast food employee. With the world.

Once you lie down and allow yourself to be walked upon, even once, even if for one little moment to allow even the tiniest breach of protocol–if you lie down and allow yourself to be walked upon, you become a rug and your name changes to “Matt.”

“I’m doing this for you.” I had to firmly state, having done more than a year stint in county jail for being unable to successfully state my clear boundaries in previous relationships leading to a fully compromised position lacking any authority over anything whatsoever, mainly myself and my emotions. It will not be allowed, I will not go there, not now, not ever again. You’re never going to ask me, “Why don’t you act the way you used to?” You’re going to know, up front and center, that I am Dominant, and what that specifically means, and if you don’t know the chances are that you won’t learn. I don’t compromise, and I don’t negotiate–and if you’re thinking that you can somehow get me to change then you are quite off the mark. I am happier here at my center point than anywhere off of my center point, whether you and your pussy or your money or car or whatever is over there.

But please, feel welcomed to join me over here. I’ll tell you the rules.