Final Codons Unlocked In Genetic Augmentation – A Sudden And Grievous Catharsis

noah's ark

I don’t want to waste time or space here explaining that I am an extraterrestrial contactee / experiencer / abductee. It isn’t important that I describe to you the regularity of these situations, or what specifically happens on a more mundane basis. You won’t benefit from me telling you how a special encounter with a remarkable being unsuspectingly changed my consciousness. So I’ll skip to the experience.

Taking a walk down the street in my neighborhood, where I veered into the field that borders the suburban developments, I soon encountered a remarkable garter snake. In the past, the snake has been a powerful omen concerning my sensuality, and I noted this as I passed on my way.

Seeing the plant growth in the Spring, the birds of prey keeling in the air above my head, and breathing the soft fragrance of dogwood blossoms growing on the irrigation levy, I drifted into a maudlin state. What was happening to me? I thought about my dead mother, who died of alcohol related consequences.  I thought about my cat, who had suffered lengthily while we debated on whether or not to euthanize her. And finally I thought of my little, precious three year old daughter, and the ordeal to which she is conscribed as a mortal life form.

I was overwrought with catharsis, and as my soul purged itself slowly of its tears, I came to realize what had happened to me–what transformation had taken place. In my last encounter with the otherworldly’s, I had discovered a newfound and profound esteem and value for life here on our planet. What a significant, serious, and superlative gift that is life. Now it is clear to me why there are stories of genies, angels, wizards, and faeries that come from afar to help mankind–and protect and cherish life in all forms, purifying and pacifying the baser energies that once reigned unfettered.

Now, and never before, I feel alive


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