Transforming Violence Into Love – The Power Of Alchemy & Mythos

Hercules demonstrated the impotency of violence in the face of a new adversary–the Lernaean Hydra. This beast would grow two heads in the place of every one hacked off by his Herculaean slaughter. The Hydra as a symbol can represent the miltary-prison-surveillance-industrial-complex state and it’s many eyed, multi-headed monstrosity as it arises in our world. This is the dragon with many heads, horns, and crowns as presented in Revelation 13 of the Bible.

The same energy that was used to kill the lion would not be enough to slay this new monster. The only thing that successfully sealed the doom of the Hydra was fire–the tranformative energy of a new technique. No longer will violence serve the purpose of creating the necessary change we desire in the world, for every severed head two grow in its place. The only way to conquer the hateful machinations of this multi-headed nefarious entity is through a spiritual sort of conquering of our baser instincts.

The way through is through love.

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