There Is A Sort Of Empty Place Inside The Music

music is such a gift traktor

It lets you down, and you know deep inside the beats, when you found your groove and it’s really just you and the digital frequencies, that there is something really hollow at the core of the sound. Sure–it’s a beautiful thing that people are helping people and doing it through vibration. It’s wonderful, like scholars of yore scribing their lore for scholars of the future. Tomorrow’s minds are crafted and shaped by today’s transmissions.

And yet when you have your finger on the button, and your mind is clicking like the magnetic marker over a hard disk partition searching, seeking for that perfect complement to the song that is now playing, and you go through the thousands of myriad thousands of songs floating around in the ether of your being and finally you make the connection, the feeling is indescribable. Were I to make some attempt the words would fall short. It’s sad, I guess, that’s the closest words can come.

It’s like a photograph–take the word apart and what do you have? Photo meaning light, and graph meaning measurement. You have a measurement of light at one moment in reality, and it will never look or be the same again, a frozen instant. Like when you observe a star, really that star could be long dead because of the years of distance it takes that light to reach your eyes from its origin. You are watching the past.

And so it is with music, as you dance, as you kiss, as you make love presently–you are dancing, kissing, and loving the ghosts of a forgotten and lost moment somewhere far behind.



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