Socially Engineered Adventures In The Nethervoid Of Ghosts And Phantoms

“I have engaged a world of mystery and intrigue—a world of expanding attack horizons with each and every app, gadget, and update. A world where zero days are a reality, and somehow when the money is followed it becomes clear that sabotage takes place there. A world where whitehats are doing their best to please clients and meet standards, while grayhats are striving to track down and expose injustices all across the land, and where blackhats spill secret drops of digital poison to corrode the virtual low res skyline.” —R. Broox Authement, savagely byting the style of wordsmith William Gibson, father of the cyberpunk sub-genre we all know and love.




I met w/ a gentleman whom owns a local (northern colorado) computer service business.

A little background information about Chris.

Looks to be of Nordic stock, like he got some of the good peaceful highly intelligent ET DNA

Very smart, cool calm guy. Confident in what he does, however in our discourse something became apparent to me. . .

See Chris has been growing up with computers. He built three computers by age 8 and was working w/ computers by age 10. In his words. . . ‘it was natural’ to go into work with computers.

“I don’t like computers,” he told me.

“I really don’t like computers and technology, on an existential level. . .”

“I don’t like what they’re doing to us. . .”

He now maintains small business computers where security to his clients means having their antivirus updated.

Easy work, he says.



As a social engineer, I discovered the exploit in his really solid structure.

Computers, the very stuff of his making, had become dull and mundane. Regular, boring, and already mastered he is now into business coaching and a kind of self-hypnotic writing.

I was already in. Zero Day.

I am working closely with hackers of all colors and flavors.



[ b l a c k ]

I am also on fire for computers, being at the beginning of my personal journey.

The fire—the aspiration and the risk is exciting, undeniably!

The world of [ g h o s t s ] and spooks, where none are to be trusted

but all is allowed implicitly

Sets up the power dynamic of spy vs. spy in an eternal power grab at who gets to define reality, who determines history

I told him of Donovan’s light security probe into his web’s front-end. Something for which I was very proud of D’s skills and motivation to inspect and examine.

Chris was pleased to hear that.

I wanted to show him a certain tool I attained from a certain person

way too covert to discuss

That I would have shown him, if it weren’t for poor operational security at the coffee shop.

So he indicated the desire to meet again and discuss the annals of the kwik’n’dirty, the blackworld

He wants to peek at the abyss in which we dwell, my fellow subterrenes

he wants access to the underworld, and has the coins to pay the riverman Charon_on_the_Styx_by_Yuushoku

[ f i n ]this discourse brought to you live by R. Broox Authement

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