cyber angel

What does it mean to be a CYBRPUNK??? When your world is full of shills and ghosts, you can’t shake the tail, and you’re perpetually haunted—you cannot stop, that is never an option. You must go on, carrying your computer cross through the lands from port to port, seeking the hottest hotspots available. Power becomes an issue, as I search and search for facility vulnerability—all I need is an outlet.

BOOM! I’m in, I have power to my hackbox, and Kali Linux installed, and I’m ready. When I need something, as an agent out in the field, all I need do is take a knee, light a flare, and send out the transmission for supplies. Shortly later, I receive my airdrop: rolling papers for tobacco, or some food, a puff of some herb, the smile of a pretty lady. The agency provides for all my needs, and the deal means that I keep doing my work for them. Full tilt and to the hilt!


I can launch tools and scan the network, push button man in the middle attacks, automated arp poisoning. But no! I’m not like that anymore, my powers are for defense and not offense. I walk the path of the white hat. And when it comes to cybersecurity, one thing trumps all the hackers, the malware, the social engineering and phishing scams, the spies and the shills.

To be a CYBRPUNK requires being secure in the LORD>>

Great cyberpunk comics style art


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