SHE’LL BE YOUR #fantasy |#honeytraps & #espionage

What with all the ‪#‎ALGORITHMS‬ and ‪#‎AI‬‘s running amok throughout the web, it is easier for her to know what you like. She’s a ‪#‎GHOST‬; more amiable than a prostitute and more dangerous than a cobra, she strikes at the heart. Once she is in place, she watches and waits for the perfect moment—with just the right combination of drugs, and psychological manipulation, the target becomes an easy mark. Then she arrives, seeming to cure all the deeper longings and ennui experienced by the target. She is exactly what is missing from life, just the right spark to ignite an intelligence bonfire. An orgy of evidence ensues. He’s all wrapped up in her black widow’s web of deception. Her poison corrupts his passions, as he is led further and further into her ‪#‎HONEYTRAP‬.
—by Robert Brooks Authement

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for sources please see:
HISTORY OF THE HONETYRAP…/12/the-history-of-the-honey-trap/

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HISTORY OF THE HONEY TRAP: HOW SPIES USE SEX AS BAIT…/history-of-the-honey-trap_n…


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