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“We’ll find your Big Bad Wolf’s straw man. . .”

Briq | Haus Security protects the bottom line by rigorously executing a full suite of security services. By researching, investigating, analyzing, and engaging a target—whether it be advanced persistent threat presented by a cyber criminal or syndicate, a rival corporate entity and their security apparatus, or a person of interest for intelligence gathering—Briq | Haus Security’s solid team of computer professionals and personal investigators can stave off any and all menace from your corporate and personal interests.

In 2014 the conservative estimation of cybercrime losses is a staggering $400 billions, according to McAfee’s annual report. While many hackers target banking establishments, the usual method of entry is through the area of least resistance. Insofar as security improvements behind the cloud for larger entities present a steeper challenge to the would-be robber, the immediate future of the threat scope will assuredly encompass the easier targets: personally managed micro-businesses and firms. Law firms and other security professionals with sensitive client-side assets are also a clear and present boon for anyone with motive and talent.

It being apparent that cybercrime and security breaches are happening at an unprecedented rate globally, Briq | Haus Security has the mission of engaging the curve and knowing inside and out the vulnerabilities, exploits, and methodologies utilized by the unscrupulous user to harm or steal corporate assets, practicing in security sandbox laboratories, and offering helpful and thorough penetration testing of networks and personnel to fully ensure reducing risk exposure through the implementation of security best practices consultation and a rock solid defense structure.

The changing dynamic is real, and our professionals are actively engaged in full time research and practice to maintain a sharp skill set. What we offer is protection, what you get is relief from what may or may not be known about cybersecurity and how it directly relates to your hard earned money. For personal investigative services, our professionals are actively engaging cases which require special attention, allowing them to preserve their operational security awareness to offer only the highest quality of intelligence gathering services. Both through software and personal interface, our observation is that “there are no locked doors. . .” A good door man can help.

Long Term Mission & Prospectus:

Briq | Haus Security starts as the seed of a full range of security services offerable remotely or in situ, focusing on the combination of security and ethics. Research, practice, and application are also main tenets of the company, allowing our staff to morph and grow alongside the constantly shifting threat dynamic. By starting with a small, manageable supply of assets, resources, tools, personnel, and money, Briq | Haus Security has the potential to unfold like a desert bloom in the rain. In essence, the business entity itself will similarly grow and morph with the additional clientelle, experience, and development. The growth of Briq | Haus Security is envisioned by the following ‘phases.’

PHASE 0 (currently active)

Presently, BHS is in its acquisitional stage. What that means for potential shareholders or investors is that we have particular and specific needs to reach the next phase in our business development strategy. Those being specifically a Hewlett Packard ProLiant Ml350 G6 powerserver, an indispensable tool toward the active engagement of cybersecurity service deployment. These servers are fully upgradable to highly operative, essentially profound level of power; again, with the acquisition of further resources, comes the reinvestment into more RAM, an extra CPU, and more hard drive bays. This will allow BHS to have a home base on the cyber frontier, wherein our staff of talented network security specialists can participate in skill-building virtualized sandbox ‘hack’-missions. Understanding the methodology used by cybercriminals is crucial to stopping them. The powerful and spacious environment available through the acquisition of the target machine can provide a vantage point from where Briq | Haus Security can keep up with the radically steep curve. Better skills for our staff means better protection for our clients, and therefore, a more solidly reinforced bottom line.

Another asset for acquisition is clientele. Marketing and promotion will ensure BHS reaching the target audience, specifically microbusinesses of 4-5 years existence and a level of stability conducive to the consideration of cybersecurity investment, and small law-firms with extremely sensitive client-side data. Money from the initial seed fund will be funneled into promotional campaigns by promoting posts on social media, producing educational videos for web presentation, and consistently blogging about cybersecurity news and development. A wider audience means a higher prospect of contracting with new clients, and finally, of course, more profit for our investors and shareholders.

A working redteam of professional penetration testers and social engineers are a prerequisite to offering security services or personal investigations. Though we interface with several talented individuals online whose services are available for contract, payment is necessary in order to actively engage their services. Securing a reliable and exclusive redteam for BHS is absolutely critical for the maintenance of impenetrable small-business networks. Being able to out-think the opposition is our highest ability, and contribution toward network defense.


Immediately and without investment, BHS can offer personal investigative services, intelligence gathering, and network security audits. Additional expansion aims to add to our security suite the following: counterintelligence services to prevent corporate espionage, physical security analysis and countermeasures, in depth personnel profiling and analysis, secure email server, secure file transfer, secure virtualized data backup, secure web presentation and applications, and—as a community offering—an educational forum and website with real time security updates and informative articles.

The middle phase is all about expansion; expanding the clientele and audience reach, expanding the capabilities of the dedicated physical server, and expanding the skill set and talents of the staff. With BHS up and running, regular business contracts, and the intention of reinvestment into the developing business, expanding the company through contacts and experience is assured. The proceeds not required to fulfill the overhead costs of rent and connectivity can either be reinvested into expansion or contributed to shareholder profits.


Briq | Haus Security has some long term potentiality in the realms of development and merchandising. By reinvesting into promotional swag like tshirts, magnets, and such, there is earning potential there. This would most likely occur with the growth of audience reach and popularity, something the media and marketing team handles.

Another long term goal for BHS is something akin to ‘Q-Branch’ from the 007 legacy—essentially developing and building sophisticated surveillance gadgets or customized security computers for the highest bidder. This constitutes the necessity of expansion to the point of acquiring a laboratory and shop, along with the materiel. The earning potential here is also high, when the marketing team reaches out to the specialized need of our clientele pool. Customized mechanics designed for a specific intention surrounding security or intelligence can fetch a costly sum.

Finally, it is envisioned to develop a specific security software product for enterprise level deployment. In essence, without exposing sensitive intellectual property, the concept was acceptable to a set of developers with the acumen to accurately assess this project’s feasibility. The product will be a honeypot server, designed to redirect the actions of cybercriminals into a harmless environment—though the difference between our product and a regular honeypot server is that our product will house several automated scripts which can scan the intruder for vulnerabilities, and automatically launch an array of potent countermeasures. This product may takes years of development, and also has the highest payoff potential, possibly marketable in the range of seven figures. This is not exaggeration; a well developed cybersecurity product of this preeminence will be highly valued by the larger corporate entities in the years to come as cybersecurity threat expands exponentially.


Briq | Haus Security has the purpose and intention to be prepared in case of any eventuality. Ahead of any foreseeable or unforeseeable outcome, our staff will stay ahead of the learning curve by actively engaging the shifting field of security and threat analysis. A strong inclination toward vigilance can help stave off attacks or accidents, however there is a principle which can prevent loss.

Redundancy, as a concept, is the best way to prevent a total wipe out in the case of disaster. Nature expresses redundancy in the pumpkin, where one seed can grow enough food to feed families, and produce exponentially more seeds. While an abstraction, this model is suitable for the purpose of BHS. Redundancy as a policy means meticulous logs, meeting minutes, and a strong active web presence. Data assets requiring protection can be backed up off site, or kept within a virtual disk file, encrypted and locked away. These layers of redundancy are critical to bolstering defense against any eventuality.

Redundancy as a physical measure is presented in the features of the ProLiant G6 server—it possesses two power sources in case one burns out, ensuring consistent uptime for our clients accessing the servers. The server also contains an extra dock for another quad-core CPU, and computer people know that the only thing faster than a quad-core CPU is eight cores running inline. This allows for high levels of computing prowess; excellent for cybersecurity and defense. Also, the SAS hard drives housed in the machine can be hot-swapped through the RAID configuration, meaning that DATA is spread across all the hard drive bays simultaneously and a damaged or faulty drive can be replaced on the fly. Therefore, in this type of set up, a ruined hard drive can not stop our operative functionality whatsoever.

Finally, in case something happens beyond the scope of our staff’s vigilance or preparedness (i.e. natural disaster, act of God, etc.), a strong business level insurance package will be in place to protect the hard bottom line.


Thank you for reading the long term prospectus for Briq | Haus Security. Feel free to contact me anytime through whichever method you find most suitable. We are looking forward to interfacing with you on a business level, and offering the highest quality of data and asset securement and intelligence gathering available in the private sector.

May we all prosper together, along with Briq | Haus Security.

Robert Brooks Authement




(970) 283-7694


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