#PEACEDISCLOSURE {the extraterrestrial intervention at hand}


Mike Gagnon, a personal friend of mine whom I affectionately refer to as #GUROOT, is a Super-No.1 Hacker and has a long line of credentials. Mike Gagnon, being my immediate superior in terms of intelligence training and cybersecurity, has given to me the global objectives as follows:

1.) Basic Income For All

2.) Housing For All

3.) Open Borders & An End To War

4.) To be continued. . .

This may seem like a steep call, though I believe that the human race has the acumen, personnel, resources, compassion, wherewithal, and complete ability to turn things around on #NEWEARTH before they get too late. That being said, please peruse the corporate announcement from PepsiCo which depicts an extraterrestrial disclosure scenario, falling in line with many previous incarnations of UFO and other alien-oriented advertising campaigns throughout the generations.

Mike Gagnon will be feeding me information directly, and I will therefore be empowered to share this information as it is released real-time. We have a deadline by December 25th to fix the world, or be forever passed up by such divine appointments.

It is high time for the world to know that I, Robert Brooks Authement am here to enforce policy which protects #NEWEARTH for future generations of human and non-human people alike. My friend and colleague Mike Gagnon told me that we are completely active in promoting the upcoming revelations and disclosure.

Here are #GUROOT’s credentials, just to show that he really is Super-No.1, ok???


Abridged professional bio:
  • Kindergarten, began learning to hack on an Apple IIGS in LOGO.
  • 5th grade, saw film Hackers and began teaching self BASIC
  • 10th grade, expelled from Gar-field High School for making a website about the school that the school didn’t like
  • Second 10th grade year, flunked out of elite Episcopal High School
  • B.S. George Mason University, graduated #1 in class in 2007. Undergraduate thesis: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill: Red Pill Wins
  • Interned at SAIC & IDA
  • Joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 2007 as Associate Staff Researcher. First job: red-teamed Boeing’s multi-billion dollar Future Combat Systems program. Results may or may not be classified. (File a FOIA to know for sure) Obama and McCain both agreed in 2008 that FCS should be canceled. Then it was canceled. Next at MIT LL, I red-teamed ballistic missile defense. https://www.ll.mit.edu/mission/cybersec/publications/publication-files/full_papers/2010_06_25_Gagnon_ISARCS_FP.pdf
  • MIT and Harvard gave me a joint scholarship to enter a PhD program at Harvard. Developed the Bouncer component of Zen Beer Garden.
  • Left Harvard with a S.M. degree to work at Dasient. Six months in, Twitter bought us out
  • Worked at Twitter on Revenue Risk team, and did CFT for DARPA at same time. Developed the Doorman component of Zen Beer Garden and presented results at Wikimedia HQ in SF.
  • Quit Twitter to become a wandering yogi, and developed the Zen component of Zen Beer Garden. https://medium.com/@yanazendo/how-to-be-lazy-and-successful-at-the-same-time-1c283c6880b3



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