Take Me To Your Leader | The Hive vs. The Herd — { how to save the world once and for all }

My name is Robert Brooks Authement and I have a revolutionary way to restructure the present energy configuration proliferating throughout the reality matrix. I call my idea “The Hive,” a new glance at one world government and resource management.

But first we must take a look at the way things are; the self-defeating strategy of the lunatic fringe: “The Herd.”

Wolves like to have a herd, so they keep things that way. When the herd mentality is in place, the weak become prey. Fear so predominates the herd that the young and old alike are left behind. Their whole lives are spent running from the wolves, come what may.

In the herd, wolves occasionally wear sheep’s clothing to perpetuate their lie in deeper more subversive ways. Well, I’m here to stop that: I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

So the herd failed. It is clear from the widespread war, financial strife and stratification, and global iniquity omnipresent across both sets of media. It is time for a change, a change that is best represented on a colonized biological level.

The first insects colonized our planet 300 millions of years ago. Not bad. They still reign supreme as far as biomass goes. According to this article: We’re Outnumbered, America “is home to some 400 pounds of insect biomass per acre, compared with our 14 pounds of flesh and bone,” they write.

“Another amazing statistic is that in the Brazilian Amazon, ants alone outweigh the total biomass of all vertebrates by four to one. Based solely on numbers and biomass, insects are the most successful animals on earth!”

That being said, their model works. As a matter of fact it kicks ass.

Imagine a sink of soapy dishwater, with some bigger bubbles in the corner and this amalgamated scum clinging to the sides. This is how the world exists in its present expression of reality dynamism—the big eat the small without regard.

In the hive, no member is left out. No member’s well being is more important than another’s. Each and every member of the hive has a well apportioned and fulfilling dose of the energy and resources available on the planet.

We come in peace. I will establish world peace by dissolving the present energy structure with that of the hive. The way to do this is described by Michael Gagnon in his peaceful terrorism maxims. By pushing the energy matrix and comfort level of the world around us, we can establish a golden age of peace unlike any before it.

Housing and feeding the people of the hive is the utmost priority. This can easily be done by implementing larger three-dimensional printing systems to build vast Arcologies incorporating Aquaponics and a productive micro-economy. Members of the hive are utilized to care for members of the hive. It’s awesome. Even something as productive and cheap as hemp could be used as a building material, and the trickle down into agribusiness is significant.

Imagine it.

I want your precious metals. I can implement these systems by diverting weapons manufacturing funds away from destructively kinetic/magnetic/genetic systems to  new programs of regenerative leadership. This is no problem because in the hive,  war is now obsolete and unnecessary. Let me have some of the bad money and make it good. Once people are housed and fed, this will free up more of the innovative energy to continue reshaping a brighter vision. The hive reinvests in the hive.

This is simple. It is brilliant. It is perfect. You can do it because you know at a deeper level than that outwardly perceivable, that teamwork is what makes the dreamwork. I can do this because my inspiration comes from an undeniable SOURCE.

Together, Our Hive can save the world forever.