& why I don’t like it.

The problem with this city, although appearances suggest that it may be in fact the most cutting edge and sophisticated technological design of any residential development is this: it’s already obsolete. I mean, motion sensing street lights, an excess of solar panels, and all that jazz is simply outdated.

This is all stuff we could have had in the 70’s or 80’s—and the level of tech used to run the ‪#‎DUMBs‬ (deep underground military bases) would blow the civilian’s world apart. They are still intending to keep us at surface level mentality? When are they going to unroll ‪#‎BLACKTECH‬ innovations and the level of stuff I realized in my vision of the ‪#‎HIVE‬ housing solution.

Do any of these houses grow food? No? So they are still dependent on the food being brought from elsewhere via the oil energy transportation systems. I just feel that this is in fact NOT sophisticated, but essentially a masturbatory demonstration of what could really be the ‪#‎FUTURE‬.


Denver Post article linked here:

Smartening the city: Denver vies to become what’s next


Solar panels line a road in Fujisawa, Japan.