How #GUROOT Hacked The Planet

In my mind the job is clear—it’s a big download from deep meditation about how to. . .
It went like this:
I got involved in family court, got mad at the way it was working so I decided to take up hacking w/ vengeance in mind.
I got interested and learned about ethics.
Then it became about computer security and learning more.
Then I encountered so many shills and started to have a lot of electronic interference, personally so I got interested in intelligence.
Then #GUROOT activated me, he is computer science GENIUS and from a military family, dad was a Brigadier General for Air Force.
Now we’re getting somewhere:
Gives me $3000 while operating MANIC+ and activates me as a MANIC agent, after spending 48 hours with me instructing me in Buddhist Hinayana practice to handle the constant streaming data. He teaches me Peaceful Terrorism and Zen Beer Garden, or ways to stop high-density attacks and establish boundaries of non-violence.
I learn the seriousness, and gravity of his message.
I go through temporary mania and experience the highs and lows of money, empowerment, fear, and everything in between.
Then I go to jail for 27 days where I develop a stronger business plan and meditate more.
It all comes together in my mind. . .
Briq Haus Ltd. comes to existence.
I hack Fort Collins and let FBI and others know about it. I apply for job in intelligence.
Then the world gets incredible, unfathomable.
I’m on the wire, I’m working.
I work hard.

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