Introducing #PEACEFUL #TERRORISM | { a philosophy to end global conflict }


Disclaimer: I am a non-violent, non-kinetic, magnetic diplomat for peace on behalf of all peoples because I know what it is like to have agony and ecstasy, wealth and poverty, and because of my unique perspective I have authority to speak to these things. Also, during my interrogation by two FBI Field Agents in Fort Collins, Colorado following my training and activation by #GUROOT, I asked if it would be ok to make a point about this and still quiet my rhetoric. They agreed.

What is Peaceful Terrorism?

It is a simple concept: war is terror, so how can a ‘war on terror’ ever lead to a lasting or real solution? Between DARPA, USAF Space Command, and other alphabet agencies, there have been devised more ways of controlling the battlefield and social reality dynamic worldwide than imaginable.

In other words, there are more than one way to flip a switch and change the world, by either killing or destabilizing entire populations or geographic regions. If the threat of nuclear war did not end war, how does the threat of further drone strikes, boots on the ground, or pouring more money into intelligence operations hold any promise? Total spectrum dominance is a reality, but it has not yet ended terrorism and global violence.

Why do people become terrorists?

I’m going to tell you right now—fundamentalism, religiousness, and mind control have less to do with terrorism than the news might indicate. The anti-Muslim rhetoric can be very disconcerting, especially in the increasingly connected global future, and most especially when coming from the mouths of world leader candidates. This is not about protecting or being apologist to Islam.

People become terrorists when their needs are not met. I know this because when my needs are not met, I can become pretty terrifying myself. People’s needs are very basic and intrinsic to their survival and well-being. As it is said, jokingly, in conspiracy circles, “It is hard to get ahead when there’s always something afoot.”

Magnify people and their needs not being met to the global scale, and bring in family, religious beliefs, and nationalism and what you have is the perfect storm for the generation of a terrorist. When it is attenuated over generations or even centuries (presumably, or assumably) by what are perceived to be ‘foreign powers’ and ‘outside influence,’ I can understand why one might become angry—even violent to stand up for self and others in a similar plight.

Hercules and the Hydra.

Since weapons of mass destruction and other stranger things have not put out the fire, perhaps a different approach might help:

When something needed to be killed, Hercules was the guy to call, according to Greek myth. He killed the lion with his sword, which was an incredible feat to gain him noteriety. Too easy for him, the next challenge became defeating the Hydra. But this would not work for Hercules when he used the sword—cutting off one head led to the generation of two in its place.

This is a great model for the global security apparatus. Fighting it with violence does not work. It does not work for the terrorists or the nation states in power.

How did Hercules defeat the Hydra? With fire. Not fire of destruction, but of transformation, of alchemy, it was a new idea , thinking outside the box, and trying something subtle and different.

Alchemical Fire { transformation }

Here are the instructions for being a #PEACEFUL #TERRORIST—and I stand behind this message because the need to defuse the hatred and objectification of terrorists into something other than people who are so angry that they would fight and kill to have their needs more suitably met. This is obviously a blanket statement, and we can agree that hungry people are angry people.

1.) I follow the law (this is for your own and society’s protection, do not break the law and call yourself a peaceful terrorist)

2.) I am non-violent and vow my best to harm none (this is because from Hercule’s model, we can see that the answer is NOT violence!!! that goes for militaries, terrorists, and everything in between)

3.) I talk trash, demonstrate, protest, and create blogs and websites to humiliate my enemies (this is useful because of the combined mindset of a globally connected community is the most powerful weapon  devised, and this is the way to draw attention to things that are not right and cause serious change)

4.) I love my enemies, because they had the courage to show me my fault

5.) I make friends (even though I know how to disturb the peace, the more subtly powerful way of deploying this technology is through strong interpersonal relationships)

In Summary

Peaceful Terrorism is not extremist, fundamentalist, or dangerous in the common sense. It is extremely dangerous for those who wish to conceal certain inhumanities and poor policies. Hacktivists and activists worldwide are watching, and observation has the most peculiar of qualities in quantum experiments: the observer controls the reality.

Let us begin the future now by agreeing to observe a better reality for future generations.

Because remember, our children do not inherit the world from us—we are merely borrowing it from them.