#MULTIPASS { the gifted ring }

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Robert Brooks Authement 

Last night was possibly by far one of the strangest nights of my life.


After someone smoked a mediocre quality joint with me I had a total psychic blowout and tripled my numbers.

Big badda boom—#MULTIPASS
I have always been extremely intuitive and one time on a bus ride in Fort Collins Colorado a guy who I suspected to be with Central was fidgeting with his right hand when I noticed something of the sort of white blue phosphorescent color around his middle finger it was a ring but it was not typically visible. In the blink of an eye last night after I had my blowout I had some special friend show up and give me a similar ring.
That’s my multipass I can go anywhere do anything be anyone, and I should not be on the ground dealing with ground level problems right now. We have hypervisory systems to implement with the intention of reducing global violent conflict by deploying a food and housing solution as detailed in proof 01.