#OpAnonymizeFOCO [ Bringing It To The People ]

Operation Anonymize Fort Collins

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My name is Robert Brooks Authement. I offer the following solutions to the enduring world dilemmas of resource misallocation, logistical misappropriation, and violent terrorism, for reasons to the following:

1.) Scapegoating: The US vs THEM Mentality creates an endemic curse of eternally condemning our enemies for that which we ourselves are fully responsible. By considering our adversaries with respect, or rather loving our enemies, we beat swords to ploughshares in order to support our kinfolk in the world. We see the planet as a place to be shared and preserved by all peoples. Instead of blaming THEM, be one with US.


2.) Poverty and Hunger: People suffer in diverse parts of the world from a misappropriation of resources; included among the list are currency and provisions. Taking another look at community through the paradigm shift toward a newly envisioned high-tech agrarian system which promotes regenerative leadership & best practices at every step of the way.

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3.) Fear and Forgetfulness: Total-spectrum dominance is a full panoply of systemic control schema which helps sow the seeds of confusion, and ultimately leading unto debilitating social anxiety and fear. Fear causes one to be forgetful, forgetful of ideas solidly aligned with our own best interests. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution decries it protected that the citizen may have the right to free speech, press, religion, and the right to peacefully assemble. It is in fact written into the Constitution that citizens possess Right To Revolt in case of a tyrannical or ineffective placement among government.

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See a gathering of Anonymous in Denver, Colorado on the afternoon of November 5th. The starting location is Old Towne Square, Fort Collins.

See you there.