New Year & New Ideas #2017

Just a quick jot to commemorate the turning of the time, in the style of journalism to create a brief hallmark. The dateline is Sun-Day January 1st, 2017.

Last year, 2016, being where it belongs now in the past, must now give way to this New Year. I learned so much and now is the time to implement my learning.

1.) “The future of counterterrorism will not require more boots on the ground—we need more BOTS on the ground.”

This statement sums up my strategic analysis following exposure to higher level synthetic cybernetic technologies—that the next level of cyborg will be an essential and multi-flexible tool in the collection of on site intelligence.

Combining advanced swarm and/or artificial intelligences and utilizing recursive algorithms can exponentially increase the capabilities of such an intelligence node within a higher network of supervision and control. BOTS can network.

And all of this development ultimately led to a critical development on which I have been working. It is called Cyberspiritual Security, and in the light of forward advances by breakaway elements in the corridors of dark science and technology, a means by which one may secure the communication between end-users and the BOT.

As machines become more humanlike and humans become more like machines, it will become increasingly necessary to clearly delineate between the separate merging entities, to define identity and rights as artificial intelligence rises. The idea of safeguarding one’s soul, or core operating system kernel, during such innovative conversion is the essence of Cyberspiritual Security.

2.) “We don’t need another World War, we need another COLD WAR. Not World War 3, COLD WAR 2.”

Some friends and colleagues get razzed and nonplussed by my insistence upon starting a second Cold War. I am left with the necessity to defend the idea vehemently. Cold War 2 will save lives, and here is how:

War is more or less inevitable based  upon history constantly expressing bellicose exacerbations between sparring nations. The Military Industrial Complex almost beggars common sense, having the need to produce more and more weapons to sustain vast worldwide business networks. War is business, and business is good.

So my proposal to start Cold War 2 and shift the focus from more asymmetrical guerrilla combat in the deserts of the middle east, to intelligence and technology skirmish between the United States and Putin’s old school Soviet Bloc mentality.

Everyone already knows that Russia & U.S. are in bed way deep, so it does not matter in the least what the news reports between their relations or suspicious activities aimed at one another. Especially not when compared to other currently active theatres of conflict.

Happy New Year, take assistance from the divine wind and fly up to higher levels.

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