Keep Calm Stay Loyal


A Further Analyses Of Red vs. Blue

The only excuse for my behavior lately can be summarized in the following statement—‘you went red, I went  blue; you went blue, I went red.’ Why would you live such a polarized reality? The answer is simple.

Blue is the color of defense, in standard military drill the blue team is always the defending force guarding against the opposing force or red team. Red is an ultra-low frequency which is perceived at the far end of the visible spectrum and resonates viscerally, often associated with aggression. Toward the higher end of the spectrum is blue, and even beyond that color is the violet and ultra-violet frequency range.

So when OpFor tries to swarm in and red team my game immediately becomes a solid blue team defense, but when I am expected to be relaxed and off my guard I may immediately switch to red team to blur the lines. This type of high frequency behavioral modification creates a rift in procedure of any surveillance teams assigned to your outer circle of protection, often revealing positions and intentions.

Last but not least, purple is the color associated with royalty due to the high cost of Tyrian Purple dye. In the Roman empire where it was extracted from a certain sea snail, it was worn exclusively by the upper class. One does not attain purple status by observing only singularly a red or blue mindset. It helps to stay flexible and be unpredictable.