The Inspector Gadget Conspiracy


As much as I would like to say that this is just for fun, just a lighthearted and in the spirit of comedy scenario, the truth of course goes much deeper. When I was young, Inspector Gadget was my absolute favorite cartoon; I couldn’t get enough of it. What was so cool about it? The animation is tasteless, the music tacky, the stories are run of the mill film noir gone cyberpunk. . . Ah! That’s the ticket.

Inspector Gadget is the archetypal rogue detective, always one step away from doom and one step ahead of the police, working to solve problems and crimes deeper than their understanding and exposure allow them to observe. His niece, Penny has a cool backpack computer and Dick Tracy-esque video watch, which could be viewed as either sci-fi fantasy or cleverly promised predictive programming, as such devices are now all the fad. While Gadget himself frequently bumbles the operation, with the help of his niece and her dog, Brain, they generally solve the crime and thwart once again the blackhearted plots of Dr. Claw, the show’s arch-nemesis and evil mastermind.

What the series lacks in depth it makes up for in ingenuity. The tale of the Inspector Gadget Conspiracy is pretty simple, and for disclaimer I am just reposting this idea as it was discovered by people of the internet from the days of yore. Basically, Gadget and Dr. Claw  are the same person. Dr. Claw became disfigured and evil after working for the police force or intelligence community, whom saved his life and cybernetically augmented him. But why is there a good Inspector Gadget and an evil Dr. Claw?

In their quest for unending power, the alleged alphabet soup agency which got involved to save Gadget’s life made a cloned-double. The experiment was not entirely successful because obviously Dr. Claw is hell-bent on vengeance, declaring in wretched demonic voice every episode “You’ll pay for this, Gadget!” Even Inspector Gadget’s cyber brain didn’t end up quite right, as he frequently misfires his applications and botches his attempts at being a crime fighter. He is nevertheless guided by Penny the plucky and intrepid niece, who may or may not be in all actuality his handler.

Get the picture? They made a keeper Gadget and a throwaway version, who became Dr. Claw out of jealousy and wrath for the rejected status he received. Case solved: or is it?

Bonus: The concept of supersoldiers and artificially augmented or cybernetically enhanced soldiers is an age old wonder and fear of civilians and governments alike. These concepts are featured in film franchises like Terminator, Aliens, The Matrix, Transformers, and many, many others. In a Hollywood recycle operation, Inspector Gadget hit the big screen and focused mostly on the whacky and zany antics the cartoon lampooned so well, however I have provided a brief transcript from the original dialog to reveal the methodology and motives behind why the powers that be would want robotic soldiers.

Gadget:  “Why would you do this?”

Villain: “I’ll tell you why.
never get tired, never get hungry…
and never say ‘no.’
Every army in the world
will be made up of my creations.
Imagine the #CONFUSION
Imagine the #PERKS. . .”