#HOW2HACK | Remote Linux #SYSADMIN Practice w/ Linuxzoo.net | Live #SERVER Training

screenshot remote linux

Those two words when the HACKER cracks the box wide open to his or her every whim and command:

“I’m in!!!”

It’s ubiquitous, everyone says it, and knows when they “find one”—a vulnerability that is. Well today something remarkable happened which sets my current level of ‘hacking’ up a solid notch. I discovered this website which offers you remote access to their KALI LINUX or other Linux distros where you are met with a command line interface just like the picture above. Since I’m using Firefox on this browser—I needed a little client first, though there are sites which allow you to access ‘ssh’ or ‘telnet’ protocols from the web browser.

This is the essence of #ULTRALITE hacking, something I am developing to be harmonious with my in & out of jail lifestyle. That way, I’m only one terminal away from #HACKING your #BOX.

Join us @ ]CYBR] [PUNK[ Hacking, Computers, Security & Intelligence for more of this information, and to be dope like me. . .


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