Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be #ANONYMOUS???


Facing Reality: Hacking Is Boring

That is to say, that hacking is the process of struggle leading unto the unlocking of a computer. In this case hacking can be a lengthy time consuming process of study and practice, applying techniques learned during study to unlock or effectively own the target machine or network. Scoring is fun, winning fuels the excitement; please remember that the fire in your belly for revolution must be tempered by hours and god forsaken untold aeons of study and practice before you can be considered a Hacktivist for #ANONYMOUS.

Unseen Dangers Of Anonymity

Snug at home on the old WiFi box makes Hacktivism a comfy alternative to actually doing anything. Hacktivism is not for the lazy, intellectually or phsycially, and demands a consistent focus and dedication to improvement of self and skillset. The Hacktivist is the lean restless type, ever consumed with a hunger for knowledge and a lust for power to balance the universe. While marching in protest, an #ANONYMOUS Hacktivist can easily become implicated into situations that are either compromising or downright dangerous.

I personally got carried away and left a great many number of stenciled Guy Fawkes tags on Washington DC sidewalks, a little job which landed me six months of Federal (unsupervised) probation. In a second protest also in The District, I was unprepared to witness the familiar masked faces of my #ANONYMOUS sisters and brothers being replaced by black-clad Soviet influenced disestablishmentarianists. The names I heard thrown around the mobs on the street that day were “The People / Black-Bloc / Antifa(scists),” and by the end of the day a Bank Of America, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Federal armored Suburban, and black limousine had all been destroyed by the thieving hands of miscreant anarchists toting bricks, bolt cutters, and lighter fluid. Our (#ANONYMOUS) tagging of the DC streets was tame in comparison to these savages with the radical liberal set, whose actions tend to abandon concepts liberal and rather embrace behaviours radical.

Understanding Time Travel { how to reach the future }

This is a no-brainer. You get in the DeLorean, you set the freaking knobs and dials and zoom! It’s 2015 and hoverboards are “in.” This is symbolic, of course. The aspect of becoming #ANONYMOUS Hacktivist occurs rather like some of the traditional professional tutelages such as law, or medicine, but with a special tradecraft that cannot be agreed upon by any central organization. This special tradecraft is handed down from senior Hacktivists to the younger generation of students; sort of like Doc handing Marty the flux capacitor and giving him his mission in the future. This cultivation of skill, sharp lookout for aspiring talent, and drive to recruit the unparalleled, are what keep the promulgation of the community alive and well, all parts functioning as a total cohesive unit and with talent on every tier.

As a final pearl, allow me to interject some teachings I received from a Chinese clandestine services officer whom was my cellmate during a time in my life while I was incarcerated, just before I moved to the nation’s capital:

“Feng Shui—means wind and water. America has Double Dragon power, that is why it became strong and wealthy. The Rocky mountains and Apalachians, these two mountain ranges are the fire and water dragon, America has strong Feng Shui. It is about balance, ‘Nu Balance.’ In a balanced strategy, retreat becomes just as effective as attack. Be more evil; seek more balance.”


#OpAnonymizeFOCO [ Bringing It To The People ]

Operation Anonymize Fort Collins

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My name is Robert Brooks Authement. I offer the following solutions to the enduring world dilemmas of resource misallocation, logistical misappropriation, and violent terrorism, for reasons to the following:

1.) Scapegoating: The US vs THEM Mentality creates an endemic curse of eternally condemning our enemies for that which we ourselves are fully responsible. By considering our adversaries with respect, or rather loving our enemies, we beat swords to ploughshares in order to support our kinfolk in the world. We see the planet as a place to be shared and preserved by all peoples. Instead of blaming THEM, be one with US.


2.) Poverty and Hunger: People suffer in diverse parts of the world from a misappropriation of resources; included among the list are currency and provisions. Taking another look at community through the paradigm shift toward a newly envisioned high-tech agrarian system which promotes regenerative leadership & best practices at every step of the way.

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3.) Fear and Forgetfulness: Total-spectrum dominance is a full panoply of systemic control schema which helps sow the seeds of confusion, and ultimately leading unto debilitating social anxiety and fear. Fear causes one to be forgetful, forgetful of ideas solidly aligned with our own best interests. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution decries it protected that the citizen may have the right to free speech, press, religion, and the right to peacefully assemble. It is in fact written into the Constitution that citizens possess Right To Revolt in case of a tyrannical or ineffective placement among government.

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See a gathering of Anonymous in Denver, Colorado on the afternoon of November 5th. The starting location is Old Towne Square, Fort Collins.

See you there.