we are already #CYBORGS

I wish I had come up with all this research but I am just reposting something I found of value from the myriad sands sifting through the social media desert.. The original poster was a Leo Angsleva.

We are already Cyborgs:
The particles were already known to be present in our brains, but researchers had assumed our bodies naturally produced them. Now a small study by UK researchers has found that they’re the direct result of polluted air.
The U.S. Military Wants Its Autonomous Machines to Explain Themselves:
The technology creates new opportunities for criminals, political operatives, and oppressive governments—so much that some AI research must be kept secret (https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…/Artificial_general_intelligence) until it get self aware (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_consciousness) and can decide what’s best for the world and the humanity….
Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

“Thanks to this generous grant we can work with experts in automatic speech recognition and in brain imaging at other universities to research a brain-computer interface with applications in military, medical and commercial settings,”

Humans are antennas because they are conductors, so they receive and reradiate signals:

Quantum cognition is an emerging field which applies the mathematical formalism of quantum theory to model cognitive phenomena such as information processing by the human brain, language, decision making, human memory, concepts and conceptual reasoning, human judgment, and perception.


Artificial life studies the fundamental processes of living systems in artificial environments in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex information processing that define such systems. These topics are broad, but often include evolutionary dynamics, emergent properties of collective systems, biomimicry, as well as related issues about the philosophy of the nature of life and the use of lifelike properties in artistic works.

In computer science, evolutionary computation is a family of algorithms for global optimization inspired by biological evolution, and the subfield of artificial intelligence and soft computing studying these algorithms. In technical terms, they are a family of population-based trial and error problem solvers with a metaheuristic or stochastic optimization character.
Can you Imagine a remotely controlled Brain Machine Interface that see what you see in real time that don’t recurring any batteries?

Ambient backscatter uses existing radio frequency signals, such as radio, television and mobile telephony, to transmit data without a battery or power grid connection.
Additionally, these efforts may impact wireless microphones, medical telemetry, and other technologies that have historically relied on these open frequencies.

A cognitive radio (CR) is a radio that can be programmed and configured dynamically to use the best wireless channels in its vicinity to avoid user interference and congestion. Such a radio automatically detects available channels in wireless spectrum, then accordingly changes its transmission or reception parameters to allow more concurrent wireless communications in a given spectrum band at one location. This process is a form of dynamic spectrum management.
AI reconstructs whatever you see just by reading a brain scan.


Are you ready for entering the Mind Game?

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XENOGEARS 20th Anniversary: The Future Is The Past {commemorative}


There is way too much to say about about XENOGEARS {wikipedia}! This game debuted in Japan on this day exactly twenty years ago, February 11th 1998. So why go digging up the past and waving the Squaresoft banner around so late in the game? I’ll tell you. . .

The people who created this game knew a deeper truth that patches into history of the past and prediction of the future, and this was exposed through the twenty years which have elapsed since the game’s original release. Such phenomena as nanotechnology, secret space platforms, overt control societies, and hidden history have all come to the forefront of modern thinking thanks to a widely expanding disclosure agenda.

There is so much to say about this game, that I will summarize by saying that you simply must play it. It can be found in several ways, either by paying $9.99 and buying it officially from the Playstation Store which will allow you to play on either PS3 or Playstation Portable, the other option is to find a ROM and play it on an emulator which is best accompanied by a USB controller similar to original Playstation controller for continuity of experience, or if you just want to peruse the game I will include some you tube videos here to get you started.

Want to know the future? Perhaps it already existed in the past. XENOGEARS elegantly and effectively revealed truths to me in my youth that I would not realize until the twenty years had elapsed, and now I am so thankful that Squaresoft did what they could to not only produce an awesome and fun role playing game with an exquisite soundtrack, but they taught me what to expect.

Happy Anniversary, XENOGEARS. Your influence will be timeless.

Tulpa’s Infinite Echo | by Robert Brooks Authement


In those final days, as were the days of any time, the thought form of the fallen heroes on their errand running through the Bardo, sustained solely on terror, and torture, seeking to finish countless unfinished tasks: Disappointments. Wandering and wondering why it had become such a miserly place, thinking back on love, but only as a grim reminiscence, a way to pinch oneself awake. The pain was real, the loss was felt, but of all other things; lies, illusions. When food brought no comfort and sleep no respite, the call of powers sounding from on high; the colors, the beams, the sounds, there only to drive the madness of a forgotten soul. To what end? Whose purpose should be determined at a later time yet, when the sweet reckoning must surely approach.

MR ROBOT – The Truth About Elliot’s Money


So Elliot Alderson cum MR ROBOT is like this freedom fighting ultra-hacktivist with high friends in low places. He lives in New York metro, and rents his own apartment (no parents to support him). He is able to work at high level corporate jobs like Allsafe and then ECorp, which is an indication of no criminal history. His insistence on seeing a therapist must be on his own cognizance, meaning that he is voluntarily seeing a private counselor, who is not even privvy to his drug activities and therefore not some kind of state-sponsored anti-drug addiction counselor. His income level and own housing situation indicates that he is beyond the bracket for Medicaid so we must infer that he is paying the steep fees for a New York woman therapist, on his own dime.

Oh yeah, and he has his own drug dealer. Not some douchebag street dealer he’s got to be worried about for discounts, but a hot and kind of crazy sexy girl dealer who takes molly with him and fucks his brains out back at his own New York apartment. His best friend is a smoking hot blonde who rises to fame being the corporate bicycle (which must be scrutinously picked out amongst the dross of the MR ROBOT series), who offers to “get high and watch your favorite movie” with him. She of course goes on to become his shadow government controlled handler during “Phase 2” of Dark Army’s massive attack. Elliot is uniquely in position at all times and points in the plot to have access to the necessary exploits and vulnerabilities to pursue MR ROBOT’s ulterior motive and mission. He is uniquely lucky and gifted.

Needless to say this is show business, and we don’t want to identify with some street bum or lonely loser, but my analysis is this, and the point that follows:

Elliot Alderson cum MR ROBOT is the wealthy elite. He lives a dream which the average cybersecurity student or professional could only dream. Even a clandestine officer with an intelligence service would fawn over the kinds of opportunities granted him during his tenure as an FBI/Dark Army/ECorp mole. And although while operating with F.Society he attacks the corporate power structure as some kind of socialist equalizing force to topple the financial records, we see no personal benefit to Elliot from this action as he is in fact a member of the underworked and overpaid 1%.

Robert Brooks Authement

I’ll be WHITE/BLACK: Cowboy Indian Alliance {Cyberspiritual Security & Machine Ethos}

Cyberspiritual Security designates the necessities by which protocols are established to secure transmissions between end-users and advanced swarm and/or artificial intelligences. As machines become more manlike and men become more like machines, paying specific attention to this area of focus will become increasingly requisite as a means by which to protect sovereign identity in the face of such disruptive technologies. My name is Robert Brooks Authement, and as a security analyst my attention has been brought upon concepts such as machine ethics and morality. In this expository essay, I am compelled to provide a solid framework by which such abstractions may be further grasped by the intellect of the reader.


Cowboys & Indians On The Digital Frontier

First lets begin with the concept that an agent is something which is described as an actor on behalf of an entity, whether corporate, governmental, or otherwise. It must also be discerned that an agent is a term widely used in computer science to describe a computer program which acts on behalf of a user or other program in a relationship of agency. Wikipedia further explains that the word agency derives from Latin agere (to do): an agreement to act on one’s behalf. Such “action on behalf of” implies the authority to decide which, if any, action is appropriate.

The hardest part is to begin, and now with that groundwork laid we may proceed to the extrapolation of machine ethics in respect to classical models represented in the spectrum or artistic milieu. In Company slang, the term cowboy is often used to denote, somewhat derogatorily a bad robot, an intelligence operative whose methodology is unorthodox and someone who generally goes against or breaks the rules to achieve the desired results. This unsanctioned behavior is often punctuated by unprofessional or flagrant expression, and is looked down upon by colleagues in the field and analysts back at headquarters.

Let’s take the model a step further, as it is known that well-behaved women rarely make history, and so a cowgirl according to this model may be in fact someone creating or inspiring innovation and perhaps even making regular breakthroughs in tradecraft. It would then be the envious prerogative to label such innovators and inventors of the new as something derogatory. Perhaps then the term cowboy can mean much more.

To further the cowboy model in relation to the topic at hand, let’s go on the presumption that this cowboy is in fact someone who has gone outside or beyond the normative convention presented by the regular folk back at work. In this circumstance the cowboy becomes an exemplar of the prototype agent, that is to say, actor.

An indian by this dialogue must be defined as an indigenous element which also poses a threat to the intelligence process by acting beyond or outside the boundaries of typical or proscribed behavior. A cowboy represents, in Cyberspiritual terminology, the advanced persistent threat or malware designed and trained to thwart a particular system. The indian, on the other hand, couched in similar terms, would represent a latent (or indigenous) security threat in the system such as a buffer overflow or maximum recursion limit exceeded.

Both archetypes possess the intent to achieve superiority over the system architecture and functionality in purpose to achieve specific desired results. The cowboy, an intelligence operative gone rogue due to over-empowerment, the indian a savage or chaotic element enhanced by spiritism, that is to say an innate knowledge of the truth behind the system’s architecture. In the very worst security threat scenario, when an agent goes rogue and becomes cowboy,  to later on access and assimilate the hidden capabilities of the indian, what would occur would be systemic devastation arising from well-articulated malware whose inherent capabilities allowed discovery and exploitation of indigenous systemic vulnerabilities.

At this point, to anyone able to read and understand the analogy thus far would be encouraged to devote further resource deployment toward the effort of devising a professional and effective security countermeasure to prevent such egregious risk from manifesting within the protected environment of target system.

I’ll Be White/Black: The Colored Hats

In old western films the hero is typically depicted adorned with a white or occasionally beige but generally light-colored hat, whereas the counterpart villain opts to wear the black hat. From this point forward in the essay, let the terms whitehat and blackhat be used respectively in effort to further describe the Cowboy Indian Alliance model of Cyberspiritual Security machine ethos.

The whitehat is the rancher taking care of the family back at the farm. The whitehat’s practices are progenerative and constructive. Whitehats are typically found utilizing lab coats and practices theory in order to devise a better vision of the future. A whitehat may have started as an engineer, a professor, an information technologist or other cutting edge professional in various disciplines presently in development and deployment.

But of course, in order to classify as a cowboy further as a whitehat, the engineer, professor, computer scientist or other professional will ultimately make a discovery that sets her or himself apart from the rest of the colleagues afield. This discovery leads to unorthodox empowerment leading unto the rogue state or breakaway phenomenon. This is the spontaneous generation of a cowboy from an otherwise institutionalized professional agent, or according to the Cyberspiritual model for machine ethos, actor just like in the old western movies.

In modern times, a typical whitehat may be a laboratory scientist with temporal shifting (read: time travel) capabilities whose purpose changes from research to something entirely unexpected and spontaneous. The breakaway or rogue agent whitehat then becomes a chrononaut and applies their special knowledge toward the progenerative and constructive efforts to bring about a more harmonious future vision.

The blackhat is a topic of equal repulsion and fascination. This gentleman in the western films does not tend the farm or raise a family. His efforts go toward raiding the farm to steal his provisions, while satisfying his biological needs through raping the rancher’s family. While a stark example, this succinctly serves to demonstrate the difference in colored hat methodologies. Anything the whitehat builds, the blackhat can steal or break. The blackhat is usually viewed as destructive and usurping. While philosophers may argue that all sides require balance and that there is a part to every counterpart, the simple truth is that the blackhat gives the whitehat hell at every given opportunity and the whitehat is busily defending their assets against the blackhat’s rapacious larceny.

In a general summary, the whitehat is defensive and the blackhat offensive. The whitehat creates, the blackhat destroys. The whitehat produces, the blackhat steals. Both are in affect cowboys and both are rogue elements outpowering and outclassing their colleagues. Where the whitehat chrononaut, according to the theory, may act in a manner to instigate a positive outcome, a blackhat villain may arrange a contract to prevent such action.

In the world of cybersecurity professionals, often colloquially called hackers, the terms blackhat and whitehat have been resurrected to describe them and their activities and motivations and purposes. Generally speaking, the whitehat is the system administrator whose purpose is to protect the system from malicious traffic. The blackhat is of course the amoral and unethical cracker whose purpose in breaking system security is to steal sensitive client-side assets for personal profit. A third type arises from the melange of the two, the grayhat hacker. While in western film analysis, someone who is neither heroic nor villainous would receive little if any renown due to not taking action in any specific direction of noteworthiness; the quality of being lukewarm.

But in the cybersecurity world, grayhat hackers are often the most renown as their efforts go noticed on a grand scale by the public at large as they are committed and accomplished hacktivists. Hacking activists typically break corporate or government system security in order to reveal secrets that would benefit the public at large. They are a sort of Lone Ranger of the digital frontiers. In any case the grayhat would be akin to our version of the cowboy gone indian, someone who practices and knows both sides of the security infrastructure and vulnerability exploitation, and implements such talents with dangerous precision.

Machine. . . Ethics? (Really???)

I have done my best up to this point to not use the words good or evil in relation to the heroic or villainous archetypes presented by the Cyberspiritual Security agents wearing the white or the black hats. As a human being reading this essay, your inclination may allow you to easily perceive the difference and meaning to the concept, however to machines the ideas of good and evil must be explained in excruciating detail! Not necessarily standardized across all media, the broad definitions of good and evil are ingrained into humans during their experiences in the world and contact with society on the whole. Learning machines and artificial intelligences will not be granted that sort of experience and chance to learn what young people will learn while in the world. Rather, the new synthetic organisms must be instructed specifically in the same manner as a child, but more rigorously to make up for lack of worldly exposure and time in the sandbox.

What is good and evil? There is a sort of agreed-upon social contract version of what good and evil means from an externalized position, interpreted broadly as being either helpful or hurtful. Blackhat sacrifices assets while a whitehat protects assets. This is a very accurate summary of precisely what they do at the core of their beings. A whitehat may procure allies and train and develop them, protecting them at all costs to weave together an intricate plot in intelligence operation or Cyberspiritually speaking, to develop a functional and secure operating system architecture. The blackhat may procure and develop allies, but with the ultimate intention of deception and sacrifice leading unto the higher accomplishment of perhaps more nefarious purpose, an exempli gratis being the DDoS master implanting Java rootkits across a wide variety of computers and personal devices to initiate a self-drestruct sequence by activating all slaves to aim synchonized requests at a specific target. Not unlike a government sending an army or posse to its demise for its own resource aggrandizement.

Long story short, if evil seeks to destroy while good seeks to protect, and this is further extrapolated into the dynamic between whitehats and blackhats as rogue intelligence operatives, each at risk of further refinement and weaponization from discovering latent or indigenous indian technologies and architectural vulnerabilities while afield, we must beg the question of nature and its relation to machine ethics. Good and evil in the natural world have no place, being a mere limitation on how the expression of power is interpreted. Power exists, power expresses itself, and targets do the interpreting and labeling with words and concepts like good or evil, hero or villain.

Conclusion: In terms of good and evil, perhaps it can most likely be argued that an externalized view of good and evil will not suffice. Is it evil that the wolf eats the sheep? In expressing power, a predator/prey relationship does not inherently prove evil or malicious, good or benevolent intent whatsoever. Perhaps the concept of good or evil is merely a convention humanity applies to a much broader range of expressions of power, and their interpretations based upon whether the power being demonstrated or expressed could be considered helpful or hurtful. However this does not entirely describe what it may entail to be good or evil, based on an internal perspective. Just as a masterful piece of chess software may not be aware of itself being designed to play chess, or even knowing what the game of chess is in reference to anything else generally, it can be stated with some certainty that being good or evil would require one’s own “awareness” of what it means to be good or evil, and behaving within the specific parameters by design of fully conscious and voluntary execution of volition. In exempli gratis, the wolf does not incur the penalty of being evil for eating the sheep, nor is it aware from the sheep’s perspective that in pursuing and devouring the prey necessary to maintain its health, that anything untoward or hurtful is being done from the perspective of the sheep.

Therefore it is a misnomer to call “malicious code” by the label “malicious” whatsoever. It may have been designed as “harmful” by nature, but this cannot be used to infer malice, the code itself not particularly “aware” of the interpretations caused by its expression of power, id est following through with the design specifications of its original maker! It is for this exact reason that generating law and legislation to reinforce Cyberspiritual Security protocols and best practices will surely prove an unbelievably daunting and starkly tricky endeavor, indeed.

And as a final note: It is important to observe that the reciprocity between sheep and wolves is not ultimately demonstrative of the correlation between whitehats and blackhats. After all, out there in the field and in nature we may find extant, albeit unconventional, instances of black sheep and white wolves.



The Truth About SANTA KLAUS {excerpt from my novel}


The Truth About Santa Klaus (as told by Quill Wordsmith within UHDC) is an excerpt from a psychological thriller novel I wrote in which five characters discover that they are mirrored copies of one person’s consciousness existing in a false construct within the mind of  THE HOST. Rain On Sun-Day was written by Robert Brooks Authement, rights reserved.

“CONTROL HAS ALWAYS BEEN a theme of the world powers, and of course here in our country—the most powerful economic and military establishment in the known universe (other than the church)—control means a variety of things and comes with a plethora of reasonings. Control is used to keep people under the thumb of those whom would usurp individuality and exploit capitalism for the oppression of the poor for their own profit and undermine the will and imagination of the dreamers who would, unrestrained, lead others into a more harmonious way of life. Control is also used in times of desperation, when things which have somehow slipped beyond direct power come forward, and usually in the cases when people just know too much.
This is the case in the present story.
A strange and charmed lad born in a remote village of Eastern Europe and speaking natively one of those coarse Slavic languages of some mixture between German and Russian was once a very bright pupil. Not in the common way of scoring high marks and making fond acquaintances with all his teachers, but instead the type whose grades suffer and is problematic for teachers and students alike. He had few, if any, friends like the other students in grade school, and was usually off loning it somewhere with himself and a book—usually not one of the curriculum. There were problems with children during recess, where in his village there were not such amenities as fancy playgrounds, but merely a maypole in a clearing of those dark haunted woods the mind can easily imagine in such a locale. He would try to mind his business, but other children made it their business to interfere with his, and so bitterness and resentment grew within this lad. He was often sentenced to detention and stayed late after school to wait odd hours away, which he minded not as he was able to read his cherished books and stay away from his rather abusive and uncaring home.
This all continued on through to the sixth grade, when the life changes usually take place upon most children; the girls growing their precious breasts and the boys losing their children’s squeak. He was clearly one of those secret and powerful Indigo Children of yore, whose brash behavior and incongruence with his peers hints at something far more powerful than a simple case of ADHD or whatever the pharm-o’s want to call it. He was perhaps the first of his kind in the world. And on account of a sweeping adolescent romance which developed between our subject and one of the young beautiful yellow-haired lasses of his class, the negative attentions of a brutish and rather violent boy were attracted. In a very much public display of aggression, this boy pushed and shoved our subject, who up to this point had never truly been in a fight of any sort. After a time of being pushed, shoved, and struck by this horrible bully a most amazing transformation overcame the lad and the extent of his unique individuality became clearly apparent to all in witness.
Books flew from shelves, chalk and erasers and backpacks levitated, floating in the breeze of a strange astro-magnetic antigravity field, and the crude incandescent light fixtures flickered and popped as in the case of a lethal electrocution at one of the various prisons across the land. Students’ hairs pricked up on end, at least if not singed off by the strange energy surge, and hairline cracks began in the windows until at last, when the wild surge reached its peak, and the bully was obliterated by the lad’s psionic assault, imploded from the sheer strange vortex which had caused the opponent’s demise. There, on the floor where stood the bully, nothing remained but a bloody, pulpy mess. It was not long before government officials were tuned in on this most bizarre phenomenon, found the lad, questioned him, locked him up in a maximum security sanitarium of sorts, and subsequently covered up the incident as some sort of gas leak or explosion within the school’s confines (despite there being no gas lines whatsoever to the facility). Stupid people will believe anything.
His name was Christophe Klaus Kringle. And he was the most gifted—if not troubled—psychic that ever stalked the Earth in human form.
He wiled away many a year at this facility, being treated entirely inhumanely by the administrators and orderlies and regularly subjected to bioelectric shock “therapy.” It was, of course, moreso a punishment than anything else in practice. This all continued until the highest world power—no not the government, but those whom govern all world governments—approaching the dawn of World War II and the assertion of Hitler’s almost divine power (having seen the Akashic Records which must not be spoken of within the confines of this particular detention center) became embroiled in the newest and most fantastical of all arms races up to this point in history. It was to find the power to end powers, and the intelligence to spy upon intelligences, whether terrestrial or perhaps even beyond!
A psychic development project began, under of course the banner of one of the more powerful governments belonging to these Illuminati or whosoever they pretended themselves to be at this time, and after much research of myriad files and microfilm hidden beneath archaic and labyrinthine archives, our man, Christophe Klaus Kringle, was finally rescued from his fate as a mere test subject and whipping boy of the local cronies at the heinous asylum. He was immediately debriefed, and airlifted by those crude gyrocopters of such age to the extreme northern pole of the Earth, whereat a most lavish and complex research facility and underground bunker-fortress had been in the making, sparing no expense from the black budgets of these who would rule the world.
He was put through rigorous testing by the elite scientists in charge of the research project alongside all the other hacks and spoon-bending morons they had corralled up there above the Arctic Circle. He was classified by these freakin’ experts as “A mentally adept psychokinetic astral projectionist” and with a subtitle of “Wild surge pyromancer.” He, of course, had no idea what these things really meant, but to the professors and quacks he was worth his weight in gold. He was fed a steady supply of stabilizers, enhancers, and also a potent blend of limiters. These were the most sophisticated of pharmaceutical cocktails the world had known up to this time, and were designed specifically for the psychic enhancement, and overtoned control of such an obviously beautiful mind. It was not very long before they were getting decent manageable readings from his electro-encephalographs and all those other tests that make mysterious beeping noises at seemingly random. Now he was ready for their master-plan.
“Behold!” he was told at large by the team of misfit Nazi surgeons and Eastern gurus, American parapsychologists and Eskimaux shaman. The unveiling of their massive and evil psionic-amplification device was in their poisoned minds the most immaculate and immeasurably important event mankind had up to this point, and in fact would possibly ever witness! They called it “The Tank,” due to its spherical glass chamber which the subject would precariously lower himself into for periods lasting at times 48 to 72 hours. With the amphetamines and various speeds and chemicals at their disposal, the doctors had decided to squeeze as much juice out of their subjects as possible, leaving them as little time as possible to rest and recuperate. This was their form of control.
The machine, they explained in a limited layman fashion, worked like such:
Human thought had long been known to be a measurable and quantifiable thing, like the mass of an object or the quantity of energy in an electric current. It had just taken some time for the great thinkers to uncover a means by which to do the measuring, and of course to in a way unravel the tapestry of one’s convoluted thinking. Or better yet, of many peoples’ thoughts! So this thought energy is basically in a way most understandable to our simple minds in relation to a bio-magnetism as we know that all thought are minute firing of electrical synapses in our brains and nerves, and that electricity and magnetism are clearly related as in the case of even the most primitive dynamos. So, in short, these bio-magnetic impulses and energies are found to travel along the Earth’s magnetosphere and are in fact in their most concentrated form at, you guessed it, none other than the North Pole. True magnetic North.
I had heard in stories of explorers and travelers that the Aurora Borealis or Australias is not merely a beautiful sight to witness—being of course odd sun particles or radiation cascading quite visibly across our magnetosphere—but that the Aurora itself actually makes a sound. The sound was described by one explorer as being akin to “the sound an angel’s voice might make while singing on high.” So “The Tank” was constructed in a part of the facility that would be directly below our Earth’s Northern Pole, a place where machinery and devices often go haywire due to the strange and arcane forces at play. Klaus Kringle would be plugged into this thing for hours stretching into days. And when they realized he was by far the most gifted psychic at camp, these days began to stretch into weeks.
It was not long before he had delivered much intelligence on potential enemies’ locations and fortifications, coughed up the most powerful technologies being conceived in laboratories corporate or private, and had also at times performed amazing miraculous long distance assassinations by brain embolism or blood clot to some of the more advanced and charismatic liberators the world would not get a chance to know. It seems the most evil men in the world had found the perfect cog to fit in their perfect weapon.
And that’s really all he was to them; a cog in their machine. He wasn’t special, he wasn’t powerful, he wasn’t gifted. That’s what they had become: powerful, unstoppable, indestructible. Their overestimation of their selves and underestimation of Christophe would ultimately lead them to the most freakish and bizarre human anomalies the world would ever see.
So to get down to brass tacks, due to the overstimulation of his pineal gland from the strange minor electrocutions “The Tank” induced and the inevitable widening of his mindstream from the inundation of the whole world’s population’s thoughts flowing directly into his cerebrum, along with sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, complete social and chemical withdrawal symptoms, our subject, Christophe Klaus Kringle became a very, very crazy man. He would for a time obey the orders of the doctors doing the missions they unleashed him upon, but secretly in a partition of his mind would be studying and learning all kinds of occult and profane things. He learned of ways to manipulate his brain’s production of neurotransmitters to the extent that he was able to induce his super-psychic state even without the aid of the enhancers given him. He broke free from the chemical bonds placed upon him and on one night, Christmas eve it was, single handedly slaughtered every living soul residing at that God forsaken research facility so far from any of the things we would consider human. He never even used his hands, he simply controlled his enemies to have them kill each other, or merely melted their brains or exploded their hearts with his powerful psycho-kinesis and made his way up the elevator to the surface. Security footage of that forgotten era suggests that the white robes all the test subjects such as himself wore were completely and utterly saturated with fresh hot shiny blood from his massacre. And during the long cold months he had grown the classic white beard always associated with our jolly holiday saint, but his face was smeared with carnage, not with Christmas cheer. He had eaten parts of several other test subjects’ brains. This made him more powerful.
He teleported to a remote part of Siberia far away and in doing so created a massive implosion which rocked the polar cap and obliterated any remnants of that ill-fated place, wiping it utterly off the map forever eternal. It took a massive military force several attempts to track down and catch up with our horrific anti-hero, and even when they had he simply used his weird powers to destroy the machines from within or kill droves of men by remote manipulation. It was actually a newer technology, an electro magnetic pulse which was finally employed in dispatching Mr. Kringle. They had found him at his temple which he founded in deep Siberia, hordes of thralls and followers nearly worshipping his prowess, and although he was aware of their approach, they surprised him with a massive wave of energy which disrupted and ultimately disabled his powers for long enough that they were able to with some other heinous force send him, body and soul, directly into the Earth’s electric grid. The droves of followers chanting “Santa Klaus, Santa Klaus,” into the freezing night air after his demise, like mediums at séance.
No they could not eliminate someone as powerful as him outright; he was the closest thing to a god ever witnessed. And so that is why Christmas lights are hung around the holidays, because as his spirit grows powerful that time of year, the extra electrical appendages diffuse his power and make it difficult for his manifestation. The minds of the world were changed to believe, via satellite, that Santa Klaus was a jolly saint who would give presents to good little boys and girls. Sort of like installing a new operating system on a computer, you shut it down, restart it, and it works differently. This is how the minds of the world are changed by the hidden technologies probably reversed engineered from advanced races which visit us from distant foreign stars. The End.
“Dude, that’s the craziest shit I’ve ever heard. Do you really believe that it’s true?” asks The Dirtbag.
“No, not really.” Quill clears his throat abruptly. “Just thought it was a pretty cool story though. I mean, obviously Christmas is totally about dope anyhow.”
“Why so?” Tracer questions.
“Think about it man, Frosty the Snow Man, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Candy Cain, and if you’re bad, you get a god damn lump of coal? Like a bag ‘o black. You get it, right? Come on!”

The Inspector Gadget Conspiracy


As much as I would like to say that this is just for fun, just a lighthearted and in the spirit of comedy scenario, the truth of course goes much deeper. When I was young, Inspector Gadget was my absolute favorite cartoon; I couldn’t get enough of it. What was so cool about it? The animation is tasteless, the music tacky, the stories are run of the mill film noir gone cyberpunk. . . Ah! That’s the ticket.

Inspector Gadget is the archetypal rogue detective, always one step away from doom and one step ahead of the police, working to solve problems and crimes deeper than their understanding and exposure allow them to observe. His niece, Penny has a cool backpack computer and Dick Tracy-esque video watch, which could be viewed as either sci-fi fantasy or cleverly promised predictive programming, as such devices are now all the fad. While Gadget himself frequently bumbles the operation, with the help of his niece and her dog, Brain, they generally solve the crime and thwart once again the blackhearted plots of Dr. Claw, the show’s arch-nemesis and evil mastermind.

What the series lacks in depth it makes up for in ingenuity. The tale of the Inspector Gadget Conspiracy is pretty simple, and for disclaimer I am just reposting this idea as it was discovered by people of the internet from the days of yore. Basically, Gadget and Dr. Claw  are the same person. Dr. Claw became disfigured and evil after working for the police force or intelligence community, whom saved his life and cybernetically augmented him. But why is there a good Inspector Gadget and an evil Dr. Claw?

In their quest for unending power, the alleged alphabet soup agency which got involved to save Gadget’s life made a cloned-double. The experiment was not entirely successful because obviously Dr. Claw is hell-bent on vengeance, declaring in wretched demonic voice every episode “You’ll pay for this, Gadget!” Even Inspector Gadget’s cyber brain didn’t end up quite right, as he frequently misfires his applications and botches his attempts at being a crime fighter. He is nevertheless guided by Penny the plucky and intrepid niece, who may or may not be in all actuality his handler.

Get the picture? They made a keeper Gadget and a throwaway version, who became Dr. Claw out of jealousy and wrath for the rejected status he received. Case solved: or is it?

Bonus: The concept of supersoldiers and artificially augmented or cybernetically enhanced soldiers is an age old wonder and fear of civilians and governments alike. These concepts are featured in film franchises like Terminator, Aliens, The Matrix, Transformers, and many, many others. In a Hollywood recycle operation, Inspector Gadget hit the big screen and focused mostly on the whacky and zany antics the cartoon lampooned so well, however I have provided a brief transcript from the original dialog to reveal the methodology and motives behind why the powers that be would want robotic soldiers.

Gadget:  “Why would you do this?”

Villain: “I’ll tell you why.
never get tired, never get hungry…
and never say ‘no.’
Every army in the world
will be made up of my creations.
Imagine the #CONFUSION
Imagine the #PERKS. . .”